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Exclusively serving the beauty and hair industry, Salon Boss transforms salon suites into thriving success stories. From effective digital marketing to potent lead generation strategies, experience the difference that specialized solutions can make.

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Tailored Packages for Every Ambition

Whether you're starting out or looking to enhance your online reach, we've got a package designed for you. As seasoned professionals in the beauty industry, we understand the balance of investing wisely to reap the best rewards. Check out our competitively priced options to amplify your online impact

Salon Boss

Solo Website

For the individual beauty professional who wants to establish an online presence, showcase their work and establish a professional channel for your clients & potential clients to funnel in to.

Brand New Custom Website Built Just For You

No cookie cutter template website here. We will design your site from the ground up.

Responsive & Mobile Optimized

Most of your clients use their phones to find you, and so we’ll ensure your site works across all device types and sizes.

Showcase your Work & Branding

We’ll help showcase your amazing work and your amazing brand

Integrate w/ Booking App & Social Media

We’ll make sure to integrate your booking app of choice and your social media channels so what you post is automatically shared on your site.

Headache Free Management

Whenever you have a change or request we’ll hop on the job right away. Most changes are done same day!




Salon Boss

Website + Marketing

For the individual beauty professional who wants to establish an online presence, showcase their work and establish a professional channel for your clients & potential clients to funnel in to.

Everything in the Solo Website Package

You’ll get a custom website, made for you & your personal brand

Email & SMS Marketing

You’ll get access to our email & SMS marketing platform so you can send marketing messages to your clients. We’ll even help send them out for you!

1 Promotional Email or Graphic

Every month you’ll get one email, sms or promotional graphic to send to your clients and boost your sales.

Get Free Access to Our Salon Marketing Tools

Use our SalonChat Ai to help you write content for social media. Use our SalonLinkz bio profile in your socials.

Access to monthly Done-For-You Social Media Packs

Every month we release social media content packs for you to edit on Canva and customize for your own branding.




Salon Boss

+StyleReview Add-on

For those looking to increase their online reviews we recommend our Review Manager add-on. Boost the number of online reviews and outshine your competiton.

Automate Review Collection

Send SMS & Emails to your clients, asking them to review your services.

Monitor Reviews on over 100 platforms

Manage all of your online reviews in one place with a dashboard to show reports and anlalytics.

We’ll Respond For You

You have the ability to respond to reviews yourself or you can have Salon Boss Reps manage that process for you.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Salon Boss Solo Website" package?

This package is specifically tailored for individual beauty professionals aiming to create a strong online footprint. From a customized website to mobile optimization and social media integration, this package ensures you present yourself professionally online.

Do you use pre-made templates for the websites?

Absolutely not! Every website we design is custom-built from the ground up, ensuring a unique and personalized design that speaks to your individual brand.

How responsive are the websites on mobile devices?

We understand the importance of mobile responsiveness. We ensure every site we design works seamlessly across all devices and screen sizes.

How do I manage updates or changes to my website?

We offer a hassle-free management service. Should you have any changes or requests, simply reach out to us. Most updates are completed the same day!

What's included in the "Salon Boss Website + Marketing" package?

This comprehensive package is for beauty professionals looking to not only establish an online presence but also to effectively market their services. It includes everything in the Solo Website Package, plus tools for email & SMS marketing, monthly promotional content, and exclusive access to our cutting-edge Salon Marketing Tools.

How does the Email & SMS Marketing feature work?

We provide a user-friendly platform allowing you to send marketing messages directly to your clients. And if you're pressed for time, our team can help send them out on your behalf!

What do I get in terms of promotional content each month?

Every month, you can choose from either a promotional email, an SMS, or a graphic to send to your clients. This ensures your brand remains fresh in their minds, promoting regular engagement and sales boosts.

Can you explain the SalonChat Ai tool?

Certainly! SalonChat Ai assists you in crafting compelling content for social media or blog content. Whether you're unsure of what to post or how to phrase it, SalonChat Ai will guide you, making content creation a breeze. You can also use SalonChat Ai to help answer any marketing questions you may have!

What is the SalonLinkz bio profile?

SalonLinkz is a digital profile tool designed for beauty professionals. You can easily integrate it into your social media bios, helping direct traffic to your bookings, portfolio, and more.

Tell me more about the monthly Done-For-You Social Media Packs

Each month, we release a pack of social media content templates. Using the popular tool, Canva, you can customize these templates to reflect your brand, ensuring your social media channels always have fresh, professional, and on-brand content.

How do the Done-For-You Social Media Packs benefit me?

These packs save you time and energy. Instead of starting from scratch, you have a foundation that you can easily customize. This ensures that even during busy periods, your social media channels remain active and engaging.

Is there a difference between the Solo Website and the Website + Marketing packages in terms of website design?

The design process is consistent across both packages. However, the Website + Marketing package comes with added marketing features and tools, offering a holistic solution for beauty professionals who are looking to amplify their reach.

What exactly is the "+StyleReview Add-on"?

The +StyleReview Add-on is a feature designed for beauty professionals seeking to enhance their online reputation. It streamlines the process of collecting, monitoring, and responding to customer reviews.

How does the automated review collection work?

With this add-on, you can send automated SMS & emails to your clients, encouraging them to provide feedback on your services. This proactive approach helps in gathering more reviews, thereby improving your online credibility.

Can I monitor reviews from different platforms in one location?

Yes, indeed! The add-on provides a dashboard that consolidates reviews from over 100 platforms, offering you an integrated view of all feedback and comprehensive analytics.

Do I always have to respond to the reviews myself?

While you have the option to respond personally, the +StyleReview Add-on also offers a unique feature where Salon Boss Reps can manage and reply to reviews on your behalf. This ensures timely and professional responses even during your busiest times.

How does this add-on help me outshine my competitors?

Gathering more positive reviews boosts your online presence and trustworthiness. By promptly managing and addressing feedback, you demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, setting you ahead of the competition.

What if I get a negative review?

The +StyleReview Add-on's dashboard allows you to monitor and address all feedback. Whether you choose to respond personally or allow our Salon Boss Reps to handle it, we ensure that every review, positive or negative, is treated as an opportunity for growth and engagement.

How can automated review collection benefit my business?

By automating review requests, you consistently remind your clients to share their experiences. This not only leads to more feedback but also keeps your services at the top of their minds, potentially leading to repeat bookings and referrals.

Can I activate or deactivate the +StyleReview Add-on anytime?

Yes, you can. The +StyleReview Add-on is flexible to suit your changing business needs. Should you wish to activate or deactivate it at any point, simply get in touch with our team.

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