Product & Services Terms

1. Website Audits
1.1. The Website Audit will evaluate the client's website on metrics such as performance, structure, content quality, user experience, and adherence to best design practices.
1.2. Post-evaluation, we will provide a detailed report suggesting actionable insights. Implementation of these recommendations remains the client's responsibility.
1.3. The client must provide full, uninterrupted access to their website backend, analytics tools, and other related information for a successful audit. Salon Boss, LLC is not liable for incomplete audits due to restricted access.

2. SEO Audits
2.1. Our SEO Audits provide a deep dive into both on-page and off-page SEO components of a client's website.
2.2. On-Page Audit: This includes evaluation of elements like content relevance, meta tags, website structure, mobile compatibility, and more.
2.3. Off-Page Audit: Our off-page research encompasses:Citation Analysis: We assess the consistency and accuracy of your business's listings across various directories and platforms.

Backlink Evaluation: A thorough review of the quantity and quality of incoming links to your site to gauge their potential impact on your SEO.
Review Analysis: We evaluate the quantity, quality, and sentiment of reviews related to your business across key platforms.
2.4. Recommendations will be data-driven, rooted in current SEO best practices. Due to the evolving nature of search algorithms, specific rankings or traffic volumes cannot be guaranteed post-implementation.
2.5. Confidentiality is paramount; all client data shared during the audit remains within our secure systems and will not be disclosed without explicit consent.

3. Citation Building & Management Platform
3.1. Our platform streamlines the process of building and managing citations across various platforms.
3.2. While we ensure accuracy, we cannot control third-party platforms that might change or remove citations. Clients are advised to regularly review their listings.
3.3. Any discrepancies or inaccuracies found in citations should be reported promptly for resolution.

4. Reputation Management Software (Salon Boss Review Center)
4.1. This software is a tool designed to monitor, generate, respond to, and report reviews on various platforms.
4.2. While we facilitate review generation, we neither control nor guarantee the nature (positive/negative) of reviews.
4.3. Direct interactions, including responses on third-party platforms, are the client's responsibility, though we provide tools to facilitate these interactions.

5. SalonLinkz (
5.1. SalonLinkz is a proprietary tool developed to shorten URLs and create optimized BIO Profiles for businesses.
5.2. Any misuse, including linking to malicious, prohibited, or harmful content, may result in immediate account suspension or termination without prior notice.
5.3. We offer periodic uptime but are not liable for any downtime or technical issues beyond our immediate control.

6.1. offers AI-driven marketing tips and content creation suggestions, aiming to boost your marketing efforts.
6.2. While our AI is built on extensive datasets and advanced algorithms, it remains a tool. Clients are advised to consider their unique business needs and consult human experts where necessary.
6.3. We continuously improve our AI, but occasional inaccuracies or less-than-optimal suggestions are possible and should be approached with discretion.

General Terms:
All services are bound not only by these terms but also by our overarching terms and conditions and privacy policy. We prioritize client data confidentiality and have stringent measures to prevent unauthorized access or sharing. Salon Boss, LLC can amend these terms at its discretion. Significant changes will be communicated to clients in a timely manner. Any disputes related to our services will first seek mediation, but if unresolved, will be subject to the jurisdiction of Salt Lake County, Utah.