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What's Included

More than just numbers. Real Insights.

Transcend beyond the surface. Our comprehensive audit dives into:


We’ll compare your website against the online presence of your key competitors, with a detailed report highlighting where you stand and, most importantly, areas with room for growth

Performance Review:

We’ll deep-dive into your current website performance–from the loading speed to the content relevance and its alignment with your salon or hair brand.

SEO Analysis:

Our SEO-focused analysis will identify any potential issues hampering your website's visibility on search engines. We’ll provide practical solutions to help increase your website's ranking.

UX/UI Review:

We assess your website's user interface and user experience, pinpointing areas for enhancement to ensure it's visually appealing and user-friendly for your visitors.

Conversion Rate Analysis:

We'll review the effectiveness of your current website design in converting visitors into customers. This includes an analysis of elements like call-to-actions, customer journey, and website layout.

Actionable Insights:

Upon conclusion of the audit, we’ll provide targeted, actionable recommendations. These will be aimed at optimizing your website to accelerate digital growth and attract the correct customer base.

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Industry Expertise Meets Analytical Precision

At Salon Boss, we don’t just do SEO. We live it, breathe it, and tailor it specifically for the hair and beauty sector. With our niche-focused lens, your audit isn't just data—it's data with direction. Leverage our unique insights and elevate your online strategy.