The Best Salon Marketing Tools in 2023

The Best Salon Marketing Tools in 2023

Take a look at the best salon marketing tools in 2023. You'll be surprised at the answer! In this article, Salon Boss talks about the cons with relying on "salon scheduling software" and where their marketing offerings fail you as a salon owner. You'll learn about the often overlooked salon marketing tools that make our best list of salon marketing tools for 2023.
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Matt Peters
August 2, 2023

How Traditional Digital Marketing Strategies Outweigh Booking/Scheduling Software for Salon Owners

For salon owners looking to grow their business, digital marketing is an essential tool. While there are plenty of software booking services out there that promise quick results with minimal effort, salon owners should think twice before relying on these “quick fix” solutions for marketing your salon. Traditional digital marketing strategies such as email campaigns, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, optimized websites and social media can offer salon owners a much better return on investment than any scheduling or booking software solution.

These traditional methods may be more costly upfront but the long term rewards are worth it - proven success stories from salon owners who have implemented effective online digital marketing strategies for salons show just how powerful these methods can be for growing your customer base and boosting your profits. In this article we will look at why salon owners should focus on traditional digital marketing rather than relying on hair salon booking/scheduling solutions and provide examples of successful campaigns that have helped salons reach new customers and increase their bottom line.


The salon industry is a competitive and ever-evolving one, and salon owners need to be equipped with the right tools to succeed. Traditional digital marketing strategies, such as email campaigns, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, optimized websites, and social media are powerful tools that salon owners can use to maximize their reach and engage potential customers more effectively.

Relying on your salons' booking or scheduling software to handle your marketing may appear attractive in the short term but they often do not provide salon owners with the long term results they desire, nor do they help bring in new clients to your chair.

Traditional digital marketing strategies allow salon owners to gain greater insight into their customers, monitor their online presence and track customer response to their services. This helps salon owners identify areas where they can improve their offerings or better tailor them for specific customers. Additionally, PPC campaigns can help salon owners get their brand in front of the right people so that potential customers are more likely to become paying clients. Fancy software looks good, but how is your salon's actual website? Is it mobile friendly and optimized to convert visitors into paying guests? Are you setup to track who visits your website and follow them with re-targeting ads? These are all ways to 10x your salon's online presence and increase your salon's profit.

By investing in traditional digital marketing strategies instead of relying on software/booking software that claim they offer "marketing solutions", salon owners will be able to establish an effective online presence that will reward them long into the future. With well-crafted email campaigns, engaging content on social media platforms and customized websites tailored for each customer’s needs salon owners will experience higher engagement rates from potential customers which inevitably leads to increased sales and profits.

List of the best Salon Marketing Tools in 2023

Salon Advertising

Salon Web Development

Salon Social Media Services

Salon Branding Services

Traditional Marketing Tools Advantages

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on google or bing is a great way salon owners can get their brand in front of the right people. With advertising salon owners have the ability to show up when people are searching for hair salons in their local and immediate area. Quite literally paying to be seen when a potential client is searching for services your salon offers. Salon Marketing Agencies like Salon Boss perform local keyword research to help determine what are popular keywords that people search for in your salon's local area.

PPC is so great because when paired with an amazing website or landing page you can quickly generate leads who are actively searching for services you offer!

Optimizing your salon website is also a key part of traditional digital marketing. Having an up-to-date website design that looks professional and focuses on user experience helps salon owners attract more visitors and increase conversions. Additionally, salon owners can take advantage of analytics tracking tools such as Google Analytics to gain insights into how visitors interact with their website, measure the effectiveness of campaigns and identify areas where changes can be made for maximum impact.

Finally, social media platforms provide salon owners with a great opportunity to engage potential customers in a more meaningful way than any software solution ever could. By creating engaging content, responding quickly to customer questions or comments and leveraging influencers salon owners can build relationships with potential customers that lead to increased loyalty - helping salon owners build a larger customer base.

Bigger investment = Bigger Payoff

Traditional digital marketing strategies require salon owners to make more of an investment, but that investment pays for itself in the long run. Traditional digital marketing strategies usually involve more work and cost more initially than software solutions, however salon owners benefit from greater return on investment compared to software solutions. This is because traditional digital marketing strategies such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, optimized websites, analytics tracking and social media are far more targeted and adaptable than booking/scheduling software solutions which only provide salon owners with basic marketing tools and almost always require the salon owner themselves to manage.

How much is your time worth? By focusing on traditional marketing strategies and hiring Salon Marketing Experts like Salon Boss, you can leave the hard work to them, and focus your time on ensuring you provide the best service possible to your salon's clients.

While most salon software solutions claim to offer "marketing" support, most of the time the solutions are simplified and just a fraction of what your total marketing efforts should be. The solutions they offer are mainly geared towards communicating with existing clients and leave acquiring new clients completely left to you.

While salon software solutions may initially appear to be a more cost-effective option for salon owners, they often require a significant amount of time and effort to set-up, learn and manage. Most salon software solutions are not user friendly and require salon owners to have certain technical skills in order to utilize the software effectively. Additionally, salon software solutions may not always be up-to-date with the latest trends or cutting edge technologies which can result in salon owners investing time and money into systems that are outdated or unable to keep up with their changing needs.

Salon owners who do not have the technical skills or time to manage salon software solutions should consider hiring a salon marketing agency. Professional salon marketing agencies provide salon owners with experienced strategists who can help them develop marketing campaigns tailored specifically for their salon’s needs. These strategists also have access to the latest tools and technologies - allowing salon owners to remain competitive in their local markets and reach potential customers more effectively. Furthermore, professional marketers will provide salon owners with valuable insights on current trends in their local market as well as creative ideas for new campaigns. This can help salon owners save time and resources by avoiding costly mistakes while providing fresh perspectives on how best to engage potential customers.

Success Stories of Salons who leverage traditional salon marketing tools and strategies

Salon owners who want to increase their customer base and profits should look to leverage traditional digital marketing strategies such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, optimized websites, analytics tracking and social media. To demonstrate the power of these strategies, here are some examples of salon campaigns that have successfully used these methods to increase their customer base and profits.

One salon campaign example is a salon suite in Dallas, TX that leveraged pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to promote their salon services. Salon Boss used targeted keywords associated with salon services and geographic locations such as “Dallas hair salon” and “salon near me” that users were likely searching for when looking for salons in the area. By targeting these users directly with relevant ads, the salon was able to capture more customers who were already looking for salon services in their local area. Salon Boss was also tasked in advertising for tenants and were able to bring in over 30 qualified leads for them every month. This resulted in an increase in foot traffic which led to more customers, more people interested in renting a suite and overall a boost in profits.

Another successful salon campaign example is a salon in Los Angeles that leveraged social media marketing tactics to attract new customers. The salon ran targeted ad campaigns on Instagram, targeting potential customers within a certain radius of their location based on user interests related to beauty and wellness services. The salon also provided exclusive offers on selected products and services through the ads which served as an incentive for potential customers to book appointments at the salon. The ad campaigns were successful in boosting engagement with potential customers, resulting in an influx of new appointments which led to increased revenues for the salon.

These two examples demonstrate how leveraging traditional digital marketing methods can be beneficial for salons and salon suites looking to increase their customer base and profits. By investing money into quality digital marketing strategies, salons can reach their target markets more effectively while increasing their bottom line - providing superior return on investment compared to booking/scheduling software solutions that offer quick marketing solutions.


Traditional salon marketing tools, such as email campaigns, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and optimized websites are essential for salon owners who want to increase their customer base and profits. While these strategies require a bigger initial investment than software solutions, the return on investment can be much higher in the long run. We have seen first hand examples of salon campaigns that leveraged traditional digital marketing methods resulting in an influx of new customers and increased revenues. As we move into 2023, salon owners should consider leveraging traditional salon marketing tools to reach potential customers more effectively while increasing their bottom line - providing superior ROI compared to booking/scheduling software solutions that offer quick marketing solutions but limited returns over time.

Here at Salon Boss we specialize in marketing Salons, Salon Suites and Hair brands. Salon Boss utilizes the best traditional salon marketing tools and strategies to help salon owners just like you, marketing their salons resulting in increase of clients/tenants, salon revenue and increased exposure.

Salon owners deserve a powerful salon presence that will drive growth for their business - contact Salon Boss today and our marketing experts will show you how we can help you achieve your salon goals!

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