Calling All


Salon Boss is looking to partner with you!




Salon Boss is looking to shift our focus and create a platform that is tailored to help the future of beauty and cosmetology.

We are interested in finding a few “Key” cosmetology schools to partner with and help create a platform that will help future students with lifelong success in marketing their business.

  • Exclusive access to a one-of-the-kind platform designed for beauty students
  • Give feedback and advice to help design our platform to better serve students
  • Excluisve partnership opportunities

Our Vision For
Our Platform

To help cosmetology schools provide the tools, resources and knowledge to have their
graduates market themselves in this new and sometimes overwhelming digital era.

To provide students with

Technical Solutions

  • An Easy Website Builder (Like Wix or Squarespace)
  • A All-In-One Platform to manage their websites, social media & online education

To provide students with

Marketing Services

To provide students with

Marketing Education

The Rundown

Here's a quick insight into how our company works


We want to provide them the skills to take that knowledge, build their personal brand and start making money.

You guys teach how to be a hair stylist


With Us

By offering Salon Boss’s Platform to your students at a minimal cost,
more potential students will choose your school over your competitors who don’t offer this kind of support and education.

If your interested in helping us develop a platform like this, to really help benefit your students market themselves in the digital world,
then fill out the form below and one of our Salon Bosses' will reach out to you.