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Here's a quick insight into how our company works


Salon Boss is a web development & marketing company tailored to help stylists, salons and all beauty professionals with their digital presence.

Salon Boss services a range of clients. But we tend to focus on beauty professionals and brands. Our goal has been to bring marketing services to an industry that has traditionally had to figure out marketing all on their own.

We also service professional beauty brands and cosmetology/beauty schools.

Of course! We see students entering the beauty world as the ones who need to learn about marketing the most. Getting started with your presonal brand and marketing early on, will set you up for success when you graduate.

We are in the process of launching a all-in-one platform designed specifically for cosmetology, estheticians, and beauty students. So keep on the lookout for this, and have your school reach out to us for more info!


& Beneficial

We provide Websites & Marketing Solutions that are PROVEN to save you time and generate more money into your pocket!

& Beauty

We're working to bridge the gap between your work behind the chair and the world behind your phone. We do this by leveraging today's technology with our marketing expertise.


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